The Luke Oliver Studio experience is both personal and responsive.  I work with you to understand the unique details of your wedding and consider it an honour to be invited into your private world and share such an intimate experience – to witness and tell the story of your love as it unfolds.
Luke Oliver Studio offers a beginning-to-end experience & goes beyond photographic coverage and is an investment that comes with a full suite of services.
My Approach
Photography that is unobtrusive. From those early readying rituals to the emotionally charged moments of your wedding vows, our style of shooting is relaxed so you are barely aware of our camera when they are there. Honoured to be invited into your private world to share such a personal experience, we want you to feel comfortable (at all times) and at ease. Not only does this produce a more authentic and beautiful photographic result but ensures your day unfolds naturally, with honesty and with candour. During portrait time, we may provide you with some initial direction to get you started but your job is simple: to concentrate on how much you love each other so that we can step back and let the magic unfold before our lens.
Professional Post Production / Editing
All of your final imagery will be professionally edited in a combination of the sought-after Luke Oliver Studio high-calibre black & white and colour editorial style.
Bespoke Wedding Albums
Receive exclusive client pricing to our bespoke Wedding Albums. Handcrafted in Australia by a family-owned group of artisans, our wedding albums are printed on fine art paper, bound in luxurious leather and finished with bespoke monogramming. Created as the final piece of your wedding day story, our in-house designer will guide you through every step of the design process to create an elegant statement album that is sure to become an immediate family heirloom.