Byron Bay wedding photographer

What’s your style?

Sometimes photographers define themselves as documentary and reportage, fine art, creative or natural light. Personally, I find it really difficult to pigeonhole myself into a particular style or genre; that’s not to say I have anything against photographers who do label themselves, far from it, but for me, there are elements of each one of those tags that could apply to my work, I guess if I had to label my style in a few words it would be a documentary wedding photographer.  I see my photography as an artistic collaboration between myself and my couples, and a relationship that means far more than just being a wedding photographer.

byron bay wedding photographer

Constantly and creatively documenting;
From the second I step out of my car on the morning of a wedding, right through to the moment I get back in at the end of the night, I don’t stop. Perhaps I’ll sit down to rest my feet but even then I’ll be looking at my images. I’ll constantly be looking for angles that best capture and frame moments and gestures, the seen and the unseen.  I continually push myself to find the next image and I’m always hunting those moments; the in-between moments, the ordinary interactions between people, the little things that happen before or after the obvious, the people around you, the people in the background, and the people at the front. While one eye is looking through the viewfinder the other is looking out to the left, around the room to see what else is going on.

byron bay surf club wedding photography

The No-Posing Portraits!!

So I suppose this is the bit that separates me from being a standard wedding photographer? I don’t really pose people! I’m a big fan of natural light and that will always drive my portraits. I might go so far as to suggest where a couple should stand, but I’m a big believer in not orchestrating the wedding day. I want my images to reflect the couples, their personalities, and the people around them.  The portrait side of the day is a quiet moment away, going for a walk and reflecting, some couples laugh and joke and others just cherish a little peace and quiet. The same practice is used for all the wedding videography as well.

The Family Photos;

From day one, I’ve always shot weddings in the way I’d like mine to be shot, and the family photos are important, but I don’t want to spend 45 minutes stood in the same spot whilst a conveyer belt of people pass through the frame. It’s just boring, plain and simple and your guests will hate standing around.  If you want twenty different configurations of posed family photographs, then you might be better booking someone else! That said, if you want some great pictures with your folks and siblings, nan and grandad, and of course your bridal party, then let’s do it! You’ll also be pleased to hear that I shoot them in a more relaxed way; I won’t be shouting at people, ordering them to get in line, and if you want to put your hands in your pockets or wear your sunglasses, that’s totally up to you,

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